Theodore Roosevelt
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USS Theodore Roosevelt
in Holy Loch, Scotland

Roosevelt in Holy Loch

USS Theodore Roosevelt
off Cape Canaveral, Florida

Roosevelt in Cape Canaveral

USS Theodore Roosevelt
emblem at Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Late `50s

I stole this picture off of Ron Martini’s
Submarine BBS

For more information about what SSGN means, click this link.

Larry FitzGerald sent me this picture from the Charleston Overhaul (Probably 1972).

Apparently, the Sonar Dome on the back of the Sail was a one-of-a kind thing for the 600.  It didn’t listen to the baffles as well as promised, and had been removed by the time I got there in 1973.

 The Roosevelt was in Cape Canaveral for DASO.  Click the missile for more information.

Polaris Launch
SSGN 600 (FBM)

Submarine vs. Sailboat

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